My entire adult life has been spent working to help people, fighting battles for underdogs and trying to help provide a better life for all the People of Texas. During my fourteen years of service (1967 – 1981) as a member of the Texas House of Representatives from Tyler and the surrounding area, I never missed a day of work or a vote, casting 13,363 consecutive record votes.
I served eight years on the House Appropriations Committee and a tern on the Legislative Budged Board (4 House Members, 4 Senators, the Speaker of the House and the Lt. Governor) which holds hearings and plans the State Budget in advance. My opponent has very little experience in State Government Finance except with the Agriculture Department Budget.

During my service in the Texas House of Representatives, I was also a part of the non-partisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats known as the “Dirty Thirty” which worked to successfully clean up State Government and make it more open and responsive to all the People of Texas.

Once again we need to reform our State Government, conserve our Texas Tax Dollars and spend our State Money wisely. I want to help accomplish that mission so urgently needed in Texas today.

Please help me to become your watch dog over your State Tax Dollars and work for true reform in Texas Government by supporting me, asking your friends and relatives to support me and voting for me to become your Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts on November 7, 2006.

God Bless You. And God Bless Texas.
fred head
Fred Head
Meet Fred Head’s Republican Opponent Pornographic Book writer Susan Combs.
Susan Combs is not who she says she is.

Susan Combs claims to be a person of high moral standards. Her record of writing, having published and selling a pornographic book clearly shows that Susan Combs is a two faced, hypocrite who was obviously more concerned with her literary career and seeing her name in print than the morals of the young People of Texas who are exposed to her 222 page book, A Perfect Match, which has her name at the top of every other page - - - a clear testament to Susan Combs’ insatiable ego and desire to see her name in print...........[more]

This campaign is about character, competence and experience..

Let’s send a message on November 7th that a pornographic book writer is not needed for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Don’t disgrace the Comptroller’s Office by electing pornographic book writer Susan Combs...............[more]

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