The issues in the race for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts are critical to the People of Texas.
  • Elimination of all state government waste and real conservative tax reform that provides adequate revenue to meet the true needs of the People of Texas as a family would seek to meet its obligations.
  • Investment of all State Funds at the highest and best rates of return available.
  • Conservative, prompt and accurate revenue estimates that fairly reflect the truth regardless of political consequences.
  • A complete inventory of all state owned property with business like utilization by the State of all property that is needed and the sale or rental at a fair market price of all property that is not needed.
  • Prompt, fair and efficient collection of State Taxes without favoritism or political considerations.
  • Public School Performance Reviews and State Agency Performance Audits by the Office of the State Comptroller as previously existed.
  • Elimination of all unfunded State Government Mandates.
  • Use of State funds for the purposes originally designated by the People of Texas unless changed by the People of Texas.
  • Common sense, simple and accurate appraisals of all property by Appraisal Districts using real figures as specific as is possible to each property.
  • A positive working relationship between the State Comptroller's Office and all Tax Appraisal Districts throughout Texas to insure fair and equitable appraisals of all property.
  • Payment in a timely and fair manner of all money legally owed to legitimate creditors by the State of Texas.
Issues of a General Nature Important to the People of Texas
Fred Head is for:
  • A conservative balanced and equitable tax system which requires all segments of our Texas Economy to pay a fair share that is affordable by all of the People of Texas.
  • Excellent Health Care at affordable Cost for all the People of Texas.
  • Safe Homes and Communities for all the People of Texas.
  • Good Jobs and Fair Compensation for all the People of Texas.
  • Clean air and clean water for all the People of Texas.
  • Strengthening of our Texas Public Schools, improving teacher pay and benefits and providing the best possible Public School Education for our young people at the most reasonable cost.
  • Academic and Technical Vocational Public Schools and Higher Education Systems and Facilities that educate our young people at reasonable costs so they can make a meaningful contribution to their world while earning just and reasonable economic benefits for their time and talent.
  • An insurance system that keeps its word, pays what it owes and charges reasonable rates for coverage.
  • A Texas Public Park System composed of Parks in excellent physical condition which are available for all the People of Texas at affordable prices without unreasonable delay and supported by the full amount of the tax approved by the People of Texas for State Park purposes.
  • A transportation system that moves the People of Texas as well as goods and products without unduly interfering with our Texas Way of Life or our property and without excessive pollution.
  • A State Government that operates for the benefit of all Texans - - - not just the rich and powerful - - - a State Government that cares, but does not intrude and that is available for all the People of Texas at all reasonable times and places.
  • Fully accessible, accountable and transparent State Government.
Fred Head is opposed to:
  • The Trans Texas Corridor - a System of Toll Roads to be built by a Foreign Company on Texas Land leased to this Foreign Company for 50 years with the Foreign Company receiving all of the income from vehicle traffic tolls or any other source.
  • The National Animal Identification System - a system of registration of all property on which livestock is kept as well as a system of identification of each of the individual livestock by a tracking number, computer chip or some other device.
  • Vouchers for students to use Texas Taxpayers' money to attend private schools
Elect Fred Head, a strong and experienced leader, to serve you as your Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts on November 7, 2006.
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