Candidate for Comptroller of Public Accounts

Fred Head is a man of strong family values, great leadership ability and outstanding accomplishments in his personal life, in his business activities and in his public service to others.

Fred Head believes that God put people on earth to work hard and serve others. That is the way he has lived his life and his record clearly shows he has done so. There is nothing phony about Fred Head. He is who he says he is - - - a principled man of great conviction, great capacity to stand up for those who need help and great courage to fight for right no matter what the odds or how strong the foe. He is a man with a servant heart.

Fred Headís hard work, outstanding, ability and great courage are needed now - - - more than ever before - - - by the People of Texas.

That is why he is offering himself, as the Peopleís Watchdog, to serve as State Comptroller of Public Accounts for the next four years.

Fred Head is well qualified to serve as Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. His opponent Susan Combs is not!

Please consider Fred Headís background, education and life experiences as presented on this website and vote for him on November 7, 2006.

This campaign is about character, competence and Texas Government Financial Experience. Fred Head has all three. His opponent, Susan Combsí record leaves much to be desired on all three points and raises many troubling questions.

Experience counts! Susan Combs has no specific Texas Government Financial Experience. During her four years in the Texas House of Representatives she served on three committees - - - Natural Resources, Criminal Jurisprudence and Land and Resource Management - - - none of which were primarily involved with State Government Finance.

Fred Head served on the Texas House of Representatives Appropriations Committee for eight years and as a member of the Legislative Budget Board (4 House Members, 4 Senators, the House Speaker and the Lt. Governor) which holds hearings and plans the Texas State Budget in advance as well as in positions of leadership as Chairman of the House of Representatives Higher Education Committee and Chairman of the House Re-Districting Committee. His opponent Susan Combs never served on the Appropriations Committee, the Budget Board or in any position of leadership.

Fred Head needs your prayers, your active support, your financial contributions to his campaign and your vote on November 7, 2006. Together we can help all the People of Texas to have a great place to live, to work and to enjoy Godís Blessings.
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